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i suppose i should update.  perhaps my tales can entertain?
everyone is posting their great seasonal scenery.  i'll do the same while posting pictures of where i live.  that seems to please the kids these days.

la garbage can.

la bus stop. fancy.

this is the exterior of my apartment complex.

my door. my a/c. my window.
my backyard. my garbage. my latino neighbors who cook crap food all day and smell up the entire complex.  my yellow posts.
my cancer sign.  these cute little buggers are everywhere.  everywhere.  restaurants also warn about raspberry vinaigrette.

"what dressing do you have?
"we have italian, ranch, honey mustard and raspberry vinaigrette which causes cancer."
"ohhh, is the ranch fat free?"
"no it is not"
"eww.  I'll take the raspberry vinaigrette please."
   -excerpt from life in la.


people put their clothes in these white monsters and expect them to come out clean.  i have yet to see such an outcome.
that's my threshold.
it's the lab.
that's actually my room (corner). it costs me 350 dollars a month.  those are table cloths purchased from big lots for two dollars and fifty cents. nice.

i went grocery shopping and spotted muffin mix.  next to the muffin mix was a muffin pan.  clever bastards.
the most amazing invention in the world.  try going two months without one of these. it's no good i say.
i've never been in love until now.
this guy decided it was cool to crash here. he has five billion uninvited friends.  i named him "mexico".
i think this is how he got in.
my porch is also my red-light district.
i got a cactus in Arizona.  it's actually called "Old Man Andes". i think i see the resemblance.
these dudes show up as often as "mexico" and his crew.  but they die pretty easily after i gas the area.  i call them "jewish people".
this is the entrance to my lab.  you can't see but i am wearing one of those dust-free suits.
my bed.  16 bucks at target.  it's made of air.
mcdonalds playplace.
my desk.
my bookshelf/closet. believe it or not that puppy was only thirty dollars. and the tv only seventy. i don't have cable but (geek alert) the wii will be released soon so i have to be prepared.
since i don't have locks--well, good ones anyways, i store my dvds and crap in foootlockers.
and then hide them under a bunch more crap.
my set list.
this is the top part of my room. also the most neglected of any room. i have a sconce.
close-up.  that is my favorite coaster (from fla yard house). and the creepy guy holding it is a beer enthusiasts from some fucked up country.  my mom got him for me when i moved.  i think she was telling me i was courageous.
how my fort is held up.
more stuff from fla...er...somewhere.

so that's it. that's my apartment.  if you read my last post you can see the bathroom.  obviously it isn't fancy but i dig it.  it keeps me warm and dry.  it's also primarily used for sleeping.  I have two roommates, one of which i have only seen thrice.  he's a navy seal and sleeps at his girlfriends house.  my other roommate and i (some chick) have no idea why he keeps the room here, but we like it.  even if he did show up, no one would be here to greet him.  we are all too busy to waste time at home. school and work do a good job of occupying our time. 

school is great. i'm not going to type it all in detail here because anything you would think film school is like is probably accurate.  plus, i am tired from all that film schooling i do.

i work at a "gamestop".  i'm actually a manager.  well, on monday i'll be the manager.  they haven't given me my pay increase yet which finalizes it for me.  it's easy and pretty cool.  i get discounts and get paid to be a dork.  and my boss is actually an attractive female, a rarity in the gaming world. 

i sell videogames in the morning and make movies at night.  who can complain?

not me that's for sure, but what i really live for are the film shoots.  I'm working on one right now which is another independent film unaffiliated with the school.  it's a lower budget than the one i worked on in arizona (pictures coming soon. production website posted now: http://www.womenontopproductions.com/) but actually has a name attached to it.  It's called "Akira's Hip Hop Shop" and it stars the asian sidekick in "Heroes" (you know, the one without powers). His name is James.  cool guy.(director's first big project: http://popcultureshock.com/sevendays/) it's also executive produced by the guy who created "Sketchers" shoes.  He's also the sound tech on the shoot.  another cool guy. It's a super fun shoot with a lot of good people are on it.  my position keeps changing because we are really stripped for crew.  I jump between grip work, gaffer work and sound work.  it's all a lot of fun.  we're shooting in hollywood and beverly hills.  last night we shot on melrose and today we shot on wilshire (two busy, famous streets).  It's actually pretty neat to be the stereotype in la when filming on the streets.  people don't pay much attention because it happens often but you do get curious onlookers (they tend to walk away though when they find it's an indy film).  i'm having a great time and i've learned tons.  but the most important thing i learned is that if you decide to make movies you have to prepare fo one major fuck up.  on tuesday i had mine.

it was the first day of shooting, we were on Sunset at a tiny restaurant with an even tinier parking lot.  one of the producers tossed me the keys and had me move the van around.  i did fine the first five times i moved it but on the sixth time i lost my mojo. 
it's sad because i was only pulling out of a parking spot.  i heard the cement post scraping against the van but it sounded like equipment shifting in the back.  it only took one horrified scream to stop me (the other eight were just unnecessary and devastating).  not much else can be said.  the damage is two thousand dollars.  no insurance.  we all cried a little bit and walked away from it for a few days.  the movie was priority one.  today we settled on a deal: i pay a grand, they pay a grand. end of story, no harping over it.
believe it or not i actually got hugged more than scorned.  these things happen and nobody stews in it.  everyone is there working for each other for the good of the movie and when all is said and done it's only the final cut of the movie that matters.  truthfully, the worst of it all (besides the one thousand dollars i don't have) is the generous amount of wisecracking going on.  it has been established that i will be teased about this for as long as i work.  bring it i say.
things have gone too well though for this to ruin anything. 

but there is always something popping up.  just before halloween my roommate (of the non-navy seal variety) tells me we have to be out by nov. 30th.  apparently her cousin (who moved out over this past summer) found out her name was still on the lease and is choosing to kick us out.  this girl, is a bitch.  we're all upset but the navy seal is moving in with his girlfriend and she moves out today somewhere else.  I'm still looking but free time is scarce and unfortunately money is too.  but i'll pull through.

okay i way too tired to proofread or finish this damn post. night.


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