pooter winky (littleblaksambo) wrote,
pooter winky

tomorrow i’m going to coachella.   i was eleven when i bought "evil empire"  i am now 22.  wow.

they're not the band they were 11 years ago, even if they are.  i'm a lot different now, older.  their music doesn't have the same impact on me as it did in my younger and more vulnerable years (did i just quote fitzgerald?).  they were one of the groups that gave me an identity as a meek teen.  now that i am no longer that person their music is a reflection of my past, a way of looking back and seeing how i've grown and changed. i don't remember the last time i really loved rage while i was listening them, i still like them and always will but 20 hours away from seeing them for the first time ever, i feel like it'll be the last time i feel a real connection.  it's a bit wistful feeling this way but also encouraging as i can look back and acknowledge how life has changed, how far i've come and how drastic the next eleven years might be.  this concert may be a revival for the whole world but for me it's a send off, happy with the experiences had.

p.s. the mosh pit should me pretty amazing.  remember moshing?.

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