pooter winky (littleblaksambo) wrote,
pooter winky

my phone is broken in the worst way: i can only decline calls.  i've been getting a few from some of yous guys so if it's an issue of urgency, use this here journal, email or even the myspace.

also, the smashing pumpkins are playing san francisco on July 22,24,25,27,28,30,31 and august 1.  obviously i'm going (most likely the 28th).  if anybody is interested in making the long flight out let me know before sunday.  they go on sale at 10am.  sales are limited to two per person so if you choose to go, please, you are responsible for your own ticket.  my bro may be claiming my second ticket.  i figure make a weekend out the trip and stay in "fresco", as they call it in socal (socal stands for southern california.  if it confused you, it's okay. we're a little ahead of the game out here).  so internet me a.s.a.p.

exciting stuff.
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