pooter winky (littleblaksambo) wrote,
pooter winky

i hate cats.

no doubt some of you have heard my complaints about my living situation.  for those spared, i will reiterate.  my roommate is filthy. filthy on a level that becomes, to me, incomprehensible.  case in point, it is hazardous for me to live in my apartment because mold of some variety has grown  in the walls.  it is now unsafe for me to breathe in my own apartment.  i have bought an air purifier but it can only do so much.  like the trash compactor in star wars, i feel the walls closing in on me.  Some say "get it fixed" but really, it's not my responsibility.  the mold has long lived in the walls and the summer heat has merely apmlifies their effect.  De-molding, or whatever, an apartment is a lengthy and costly process (not that my money would be spent) and I am better off avoiding any future hazards to my health by just moving away from this kid who in addition to being unsantairy is also fasciantlngly irresponsible.  why just today i woke up to find my air mattress flat and the power turned off due to his neglect of the bills (the mattress is not his fault but is feels so right to blame him). With that said, my quest has been frustrating and fruitless.  I have asked DOZENS of people if rooming sounds like a good idea and most agree that is it is, but all plans have fallen through at the last minute because they all neglect to mention their pet cats.
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