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i've been meaning to update for a while now.  a lot has/is/will be happening.  so briefly i will start at the top.

about two an a half weeks ago i went to san francisco to see the smashing pumpkins.  i do not like the new album at all.  it is horrible. but the concert was an entirely different story.  it was not a reunion of the smashing pumpkins or even a show promoting the new album.  it was a musician on stage exploring his past and future as an artist.  watching billy play live for the fifth or sixth time, i got the impression that he used this reunion as an opportunity to revisit his past and explore what made him a musician, what has brought him to this point in his life.  he didn't seem like the billy from zwan or that solo thing he did, he appeared to be back at the beginning, back during "gish" (primarily what he played) or "adore" - times of growth and rebirth.  he looked and performed like he was searching for something, something only live shows and the past experience as the pumpkin's front man can help him find.  

i don't know.  it sounds kind of strange saying that about a man i've never really met, but that was the impression i got.  it was a great show.

the city was great too.  i've done a bit of traveling in my day and from what i've seen so far in the world, san francisco is one of my favorite cities.  it needs to be seen, not just the city but the surrounding areas too.  it's a hilly metropolis of pint-sized nature tucked away under clouds and near crisp air.  trolleys and chilly winds about. the arts and the homeless galore.  in short, there were moments where i felt i moved to the wrong city.  i biked across the golden gate bridge.  pictures soon.

i am moving.  not to san francisco but elsewhere in the valley.  in fact, i have already moved.  tonight i am typing for the last time in my old place.  tomorrow  i officially move in.  my stuff is there now. all that is missing is the owner.  this will be my third address in less than a year.  i will post it when i know it.

i was offered a job  on an independent feature as the "key grip".  it pays and will shoot for two weeks.  about five days in CA and the rest in Arizona.  i don't know if anyone remembers but last year i went to AZ on a shoot about this time as free help..  well, these are the same people (producers) and they asked me back but this time as a paid department head.  sounds fun huh?  it'll be rough but i'm looking forward to it.

this summer i was taking classes but now that i'm going to AZ i have withdrawn. i'm going back in the fall (around sept. 25th).  i get back from AZ on the 20th of august.  shooting starts on sunday.  i don't know why any of those dates would matter to you but i just typed them. 


i may not have internet for a couple days, so pictures (san francisco, pumpkins, new apt) will have to wait.

like you're even waiting for them.


oh, yeah.  i acted in a movie. nothing big but it was fun.  i had a knife.

and i just saw "sunshine".  i liked it.
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