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i stopped being homeless on sunday.  since my last post nothing really happened of any significance save for one almost scary encounter.  I'll be brief.

I spent about three days in my car and they weren't bad. I parked near my old apartment on some well lit private home streets that i knew were safe. three days and no problems. but the fourth day was no good. it was about 1100 at night and i parked (different spot each night) and listened to the rest of loveline (yeah it's still around).  my car was off, no lights were shining and no disruptive noises being made. 
shortly after 1130 a couple of dudes came out of the house across the street. they got in their pick-up and backed out past me and drove off. about two houses down they pulled in a driveway, backed out and drove up to my car.  the driver looked at me from his seat and motioned for me to roll down my window.  i did. 

now, at this point i'd like to mention that the driver had what i like to call "a stupid face".  that is to say he looked stupid. shaved head, big furrowed brow and a constant look of bewilderment. all this made him look a little unstable, a little crazy. so when he spoke i got the impression that he could snap at any minute.

HIM: what the FUCK are you doing? (each fuck was a very emphatic fuck. this made it clear he meant business)
ME: nothing just-
HIM: what the FUCK are you doing?
ME: (looking to avoid sounding creepy) nothing, just waiting for a friend. (didn't work)
HIM: waiting for a friend? what the FUCK are you doing waiting for a friend in front of my house?
ME: I can move if you want.
HIM: why the FUCK are you in front of my house?
ME: I'm just waiting. I can move, you want me to move? (he's getting angry and i'm getting a bit scared)
HIM: Where the FUCK'S your friend?
ME: sherman oaks.
HIM: sherman oaks! I'm going to sherman oaks! what the FUCK'S he doing there? (bad location to pull out of the hat. now he's excited)
ME: he's coming to meet me.
HIM: sherman oaks is 20 minutes away! (not true)
ME: no, it's down the street. (true)
HIM: the FUCK it's down the street. I'm going to sherman oaks! (in case i forgot)
ME: I can move. (this guy is losing it)
HIM: that's right! you better FUCKIN' move away from my FUCKIN' house! (good idea)
ME: i'll move
HIM: get the FUCK out of here and don't ever FUCKING come back! (he's probably waited his entire life to say that)
ME: yeah.

he followed me for a little bit after that, got bored then sped ahead never to be seen again.  i won't lie, i was a little shaken up. this dude did a good job of intimidating me.  but what upset me the most was that he was totally justified. i was some weirdo parked in front of his house at 1130 at night. he had no idea who i was or what i intended to do. he was probably a little scared.  so i excuse his scare tactics but i can't help but feel violated, like i was cheated out of something, which i actually was! i was too paranoid to park anywhere else so i found a cheap motel complete with mirror on celling and crashed for the night.  the next five days i stayed with a school mate and luckily found a place on friday. sunday i moved in. it wasn't a terrible experience and if that's as bad as it's gonna get then i'm grateful. i hear too many horror stories out here about psycho gunmen and irrational crimes.  it's just strange to consider  that to stupid face, i was the potential psycho.

so sunday. i moved in sunday around 2pm. i'm filling in for a dancer chick who's away for six months on a cruise which she dances on. my roommates are a 27 year old british dude who works in sports clothing and another dancer girl, who is actually moving out in a week. so i get a new mystery roommate soon.

now the british dude is cool. he plays kickball and his season just started up so he had his new team come over for a bbbq. it was a "get to know the new guys" party which started at two. and at five was the UFC fight. the dude loves UFC and watches every match.  for those who don't know (or remember) UFC is where the big guys punch each other a lot (no gloves).  it's awesome.

 it was a bunch of thirty year olds thinking i was a thirty year old, drinking and laughing. some were upset when they found i was only 22. (one girl actually grew up in n.palm and promptly stopped getting to know me when she found out my age. no matter, she left early)

so it was a good time. the fight was good and every thirty year old was nice and engaging.  after we just drank and talked we played scene it!

i should probably mention now that there is no climax to this post, or rather the climax has passed and we're just falling now. basically i'm working towards my new address which is below for those interested.

scene it was fun (some of the thirty year olds were big dorks) and i impressed everyone with my noggin of useless movie trivia.  one thirty year old even lamented that it was too late for me to register for kickball. i suppose in kickball you're only as good as your strongest pop culture trivia fiend (she was drunk).

anyways, we went to a pub (yes, pub. my roommate is english. he frequents a pub) and played darts till 2am.  we went home and i slept soundly and safely in my new apartment (which has a fireplace).

i'm happy with this place. i keep upgrading with each move (number 4 for those keeping track), but i also never stay put for more than six months. i hope i can stay here longer than that. as the night came to a close one thirty year old said "welcome to the family".

new addressssssss

this is my new apartment address:

14748 Burbank Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91411



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